iPhone 11 repair costs

iFixer is an Apple Authorised Independent Repair Provider, and can service your Apple device with Genuine Parts.

ALL our replacement screens are the best quality you’ll find – backed with our 1 year non accidental warranty. This covers blackouts and screen glitches.

WARRANTY INFO: Your warranty is void if your screen is brought back to us Water Damaged, Scratched, Smashed or Cracked, regardless of the fault. This is because we cannot send cosmetically damaged items back to our suppliers, hence won’t be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: Changing the Screen/Battery/Cameras on this device may cause a warning message to show in your Lock/Home Screen/Settings that the part cannot be verified as genuine. This will happen if you choose to have a Replacement/OEM part fitted. As an Authorised Apple Independent Repair Provider, we can provide Genuine Parts, and pair them to your phone properly, removing the warnings, and updating your Parts and Service history with the correct details. Pricing below will show Authorised Repairs where appropriate. If you don’t see the repair you require, please call us!

REPAIR TIMES: iPhone Repair times are anything up to 90 mins depending on how busy when we are when you come in. Whilst most repairs are done instore, for repairs that require sending off, we quote anything up to 15 working days.


Screen Replacement (LCD) £89.99

Rear Glass Replacement £89.99


Genuine Battery Replacement £99.99

Charge Port Repair £85.00

Charging Dock/Port £79.99


Microphone Replacement £80.00

Loudspeaker Replacement £55.00

Earpiece Speaker Replacement £70.00


Front Camera £75.00

Rear Camera £95.00


Volume Button Replacement £80.00

Power Button Repair £80.00


Software Flash/Repair

Full Housing Replacement (Genuine, and includes all flex cables, buttons and charge dock ect)

Micro Soldering Repairs- PLEASE CALL US!

Data Recovery: PLEASE CALL US!

Call us on: 01249 651122


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