Syncwire Mini Cable Clip Holders 5-Pack


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  • Strong stickiness: Using German 3M stickers, strong stickiness, can easily adhere to all smooth surfaces. Please clean the position and press the cable clip 20 seconds during installation and let it stand for 12 hours so that it will be firmer during use.
  • Free from clutter: Wire fixers will help you organize messy cables and wires around your desk, TV, switchboard, filing cabinet, computer or mobile phone, making your desk or room better, more organized, and safer.
  • Versatile: they can be used as desktop wire organizer, pen holder, toothbrush holder, flexible, easy to install, and can be installed with use.
  • Multi-combination design: one hole to five holes in different sizes to meet daily household and office fixed line requirements. They can be used as desktop wire organizers, suitable for holding cables less than 5mm such as headphone audio cables, USB charging cables, and computer mouse cables.
  • Material safety: High-quality silicone material, non-toxic and odorless. After various rigorous tests, it can still maintain viscosity and the material does not deteriorate, so it can be used with confidence.